When I first got into gaming a buddy had a clan going in the game 'Outlaws'. I quickly joined the clan as WAC_Bandelero and enjoyed a couple years of great fun. During this time other people I worked with also started playing Outlaws with us. As with all games less and less people where showing up to play, the game was getting old and it was time to look for other avenues to kick ass with friends.

So Rainbow 6 was released and I quickly fell in love. The guys and I were on nightly kicking ass and taking names, having a total blast. After a few weeks of playing we were getting invites to others clans. Then I started talking to one of my co-workers (ATF_Stealth) about how it sucked to have to go into another clan and get to know everyone all over again. It is always so much better to sign on with people that you know and get along with.

This is when the ATF was formed, the name fit the game, we could kick ass and everyone would remember who did it. Now the hard part began, a clan of two just was not going to cut it. It took us about a week to get our first member, he was everything we were looking for, fun to game with and a kick ass attitude. We asked him to join and ATF_Floater was the first member of the ATF.

Things really started rolling quickly for ATF, we had the skills to kick ass and had a serious attitude. This of course drew a lot of people into the clan and things started to grow. Tribes 1 was released and the guys didn't want to start looking for another clan to join so we decided to just make another division and keep it all in house.

From this point it has snowballed into what it is today. We have gone through some rough times but no matter how hard people have tried to stop ATF, we continue to grow and have a blast doing it. Our members build special bonds with one another and consider themselves family. Hell there are even people that have copied what we have made here and are using it to build their own clans, right down to our *S* (salute).

ATF was started with the thought of friends and fun first and continues to strive to meet that goal on a daily basis.


The Best Damned Family On The Net!